Get strong with us


Following the most recent announcement of a Tier 5 lockdown in the UK, we are working with Barbell Logic Online Coaching to keep you training safely, effectively and progressively from home. Whether you have nothing to train with apart from your pet, fridge contents, or you have a home gym set up, we can help. Head over to to find out how you can get started with your own personal coach online today. 

Build the habits and confidence to make real, long lasting changes to your health and strength. Sign up for a dedicated, expert coach who will work with you individually to create a program that works. 

At Norwich Strength Training we help people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their quality of life through training for strength. We believe that every person, regardless of age, sex, gender, training experience or training history, can benefit from the vast health and performance benefits that training for strength brings along with it.

We provide you with the knowledge, support, equipment, training environment, and nutritional advice to get you stronger, fitter, and more healthy than you’ve ever been. Through either one to one coaching, small group training, or online coaching, you will experience noticeable, life changing alterations in your everyday abilities, athletic performance, muscle mass and bone density retention. 

Under the eyes of our experienced coaches you will learn how to safely and correctly perform a range of simple movements that will form the basis of your personalised training programme. The squat, overhead press, bench press, and deadlift mimic our natural interactions with the world around us but can be scaled down to any starting point.

Please check our range of services or contact us now for more information or to book an initial consultation session at our quiet and private facility close to Norwich City Centre.