Why Strength?

We believe that strength is the most important physical attribute to train. Developing our ability to  produce force improves every other aspect of our physical existence. From athletic goals like the ability to  Run faster, Jump higher, or Cycle farther – to lifestyle goals like being able to climb the stairs more easily, get out of a chair without assistance, lift your grandchildren without pain. Training strength first gets you to those goals faster than any other way. 

For general health, resistance training has been shown to increase muscle mass and bone density, reducing and reversing the effects of ageing such as sarcopenia, osteopenia and osteoporosis which if left untreated can lead to premature frailty. Increased muscle mass and raised activity levels also help the body to more effectively resist serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

chrissy strength squat

Our Coaches

Coach Stephen

Stephen is a Staff Coach for Barbell Logic Online Coaching and Head coach at Norwich Strength Training. Based in Norwich, UK, Stephen is currently the only Englishman and non kilt wearing Brit to hold the Professional Barbell Coach certification. Stephen progressed through one of the first groups in the Barbell Logic Coaching Academy after which he joined their Internship program to hone his skills as a coach.

Stephen originally trained as a classical musician at the University of East Anglia, Norwich and the Royal College of Music, London. Since 2007 Stephen has worked with Orchestras and Musical Theatre productions around the UK and Europe.

coach stephen strength trainer

Coach Christina

Christina has been involved in the fitness profession for eight years, initially specialising in group fitness training. In 2017 she moved into one to one coaching and acquired the level three personal training qualification. 

Christina also trains 2-3 times each week with coaching from Barbell Logic Online Coaching and actively promotes and encourages lifting in all her training programs using the Starting Strength method. She also audited a Coaches Camp run through Barbell Logic in Missouri, USA and has participated in Barbell Logic lifting camps. All of this has extensively increased her knowledge of barbell training and coaching methods and she hopes to use this to help improve others health and quality of life. Christina is currently enrolled in the Barbell Logic Coaching Academy with a view to expand her knowledge and coaching expertise. 

Prior to this, Christina has acquired qualifications as a Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 2 Exercise to Music instructor, with qualifications in Les Mills Bodybalance, Les Mills Bodyattack and Les Mills Bodystep. She attributes her improvements and continued work in these disciplines to her improvements in strength.